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Forever 21 is filing for bankruptcy

Forever 21 is filing for bankruptcy, according to their website they’re not officially going out of business, although forever 21 will be closing many of its stores across the US of its as part of its bankruptcy proceedings. currently there are hundreds of Forever 21 stores worldwide. Forever 21 was founded in 1984, The first location, originally called Fashion 21, was 900 square feet and stocked merchandise purchased at wholesale close-out sales.

Court papers show its plan to reel in higher spending customers, with targeted advertisements on social media platforms to reach out to customers who used to shop at the store but don’t anymore. Forever 21’s instagram has 16 million followers which is more than Gap, J. Crew and Abercrombie & Fitch combined.

But with more success comes more mismanagement . Ariana grande is suing forever 21 for copying her style.

Forever 21 and the beauty store Riley Rose is being accused of more than just  using an Ariana Grande lookalike. The lawsuit alleges that they posted actual photographs of Ariana, infringed on her trademarks, and used her music and lyrics to promote its products despite not having her permission. This apparently happened after plans of an endorsement deal between Ariana Grande and Forever 21 never ended up happening.

This isn’t the first time Forever 21 is copying someone’s style. In the early 2010’s Forever 21’s bohemian chic look was all the rage with 20-somethings and teens. The olsen twins more specifically Mary Kate olsen was declared a fashion icon by The New York Times for creating the signature “bohemian” look. That’s boho-chic. She was first identified as such in Greenwich Village, New York in late 2004, that had many “boho” features (large sunglasses, flowing skirts, boots and loose jumpers). The olsen twins have been in the fashion business since the 1990’s starting with their walmart clothing line “Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls” featuring capri pants and modest mid length skirts, long bell sleeved shirts, embroidered shirts, bucket hats, denim vests, denim pants, and denim jackets. In 2006 Their line is called “The Row” named after Savile Row in London and 2007 “Elizabeth & James”. This collection was inspired by vintage looks and styles and boho-chic British celebrities like kate moss and sienna miller. They also have since started two other fashion lines, olsenboye for jc penney and stylemint.

Earlier this summer, forever 21 sent Atkins diet bars to its shoppers as an extra gift. This is for people on a low carb low sugar diet. This had some customers outraged for fat shaming them.  in a statement Forever 21 apologized and said the promo went to all customers, not just plus sized women.  Forever 21 had sent these bars as a free gift, and has since stated they will not be sending out any more freebies.

So what was Forever 21 like in its heyday? It seems to be all outfits appealing to generation y (millennials) and generation z (post millennials), lots of mini dresses, jeans, and graphic tees. Forever 21 has been around for years, most notably due to their popularity with achieving the celebrity look with basic and boho-chic outfits. The bobo (bourgeoisie bohemian) style was having a resurgence, thanks to celebrities like Mary-kate and ashley olsen or vanessa hudgens. People felt like they were dressing just like their favorite celebrities. Oversized cardigans, oversized scarves, boho chic bag or purse, oversized hats, oversized sunglasses, distressed and ripped boho jeans. Their popularity grew during the Great Recession, when shoppers were interested in fashion bargains. But Forever 21 went on an aggressive expansion just as shoppers were gravitating towards more online shopping.

In the early 2010s, Forever 21 started having celebrities promote limited-edition collections. Then menswear lines came out. and finally, it launched its plus-size line, which was later relaunched again.

Its next big trend was festival wear for events like Coachella. the festival styles first appeared around 2014.

this is when consumer sentiment began to change and shoppers began to turn away from fast fashion. Millennial who increasingly turned away from malls headed to trendy online sites. They’re also interested in buying eco-friendly fashions, like clothing items made from recycled materials. Forever 21 was Growing rapidly alongside Fast fashion competitors Zara and H&M. And Forever 21 was more popular than older staples from the Malls like The Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle.

In the last decade, a bunch of online-only fashion retailers have popped like Fashion Nova, Nasty Gal and Boo Hoo.

These sites are more fun for millennial and are more social media friendly. Also, Each have on their website info regarding working conditions at factories and other environmental info. Asos says that this year, it will completely remove materials like cashmere, mohair, feathers, down, silk, bone horn and shell from their websites. By offering more eco-friendly fashions, These stores can upgrade alongside with the more modern times. more sophisticated branding, better use of social media, and a better understanding of design trends is what gives these online stores the advantage.

On a final note, I’m going to miss Forever 21 for its clothing that supposedly makes you look and feel like a celebrity,  I even wrote a song and posted a video about the FOREVER 21 HOT CHEETOS COLLECTION / I don’t think it will be the final edit, now. its still in its pre- recording stages.

I would definitely write more songs like this if given the opportunity.

Forever 21 has to go big or go home. If the name of the brand is forever 21 and you want to make people look younger or feel like celebrities, as your brand suggests then use more sustainable eco friendly materials. Follow in Asos’s footsteps and upgrade your style. Regardless if you are just going to copy celebrity styles or copy music festival fashion.

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Forever 21 Flaming hot cheetos collection

Hey there! today I’m going to talk about the new forever 21 flamin hot cheetos limited edition collection.

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So about the flaming hot cheetos limited collection—

This collection includes: Cheetos Flamin Hot Graphic Slides, a flamin hot cheetos button down graphic jersey, cheetos crew socks, boxxy tee, embroidered black tee, orange rhinestone crop top, neon green crop top, camisole, bodysuit, tube top, tube dress, flaming hot pendant necklace, and other matching Leopard, tiger, animal print, cheetah print clothing and biker shorts and accessories.

I can’t help to wonder if whoever designed this collection had social media inluencers in mind. when they designed the collection.

Lots of youtubers post videos about their obsession with  flamin hot cheetos. this super spicy and crunchy snack is fun and lets people get creative. although it might not be the healthiest snack in the world. so maybe next time there will be a vegetables logo print dress. to even things out. the original frito lays is vegan. I guess the flaming hot cheetos aren’t vegan, maybe one day. but the clothes and style are still unique and not actually real cheetah print so you can wear it if you’d like.

People are flocking to youtube to write songs about it. Maybe it would be a good reason to wear this outfit and wear it for that. Heres some of what I wrote.

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

think youre hip// all that and a bag of chips

Lime, chipotle ranch, // extra hot will make you flip

flamin hot even on a // banana split or peach crisp

these flamin hot cheetos // outfits will make you trip

bright neon tees cheetah print // down the sunset strip

extra hot flamin cheetos // vibes is always flourescent

just checkin what i’m wearin // this new cheetos collection

mention all this flexxin // i aint messin // i aint messin

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

and Thats my song I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think? it’s not the final cut obviously. I will still add some more verses. and mix it in with a track. Leave a comment and don’t forget to check out my merch please check back for more videos and I appreciate the support it means a lot to me. C YA next time!