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Storytime – My experiences living in West Hollywood

Veganism and yoga, working out at 24 hour fitness, enjoying the nice warm and sunny weather and palm trees, being near the ocean. Manhattan beach is my favorite place to go. That is where my name for my blog comes from, since I like the ocean. and I also like melon smoothies. 
I would like to be a yoga instructor there one day. Need to take more yoga classes. Tibetan singing bowls are a type of bell that vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played. Also known as singing bowls or Himalayan bowls, Tibetan singing bowls are said to promote relaxation and offer powerful healing properties. Buddhist monks have long used Tibetan singing bowls in meditation practice. Maybe this is something you would enjoy. Very relaxing and peaceful for me.

Runyon Canyon is also in Hollywood, where I used to exercise. I have lived in Topanga Canyon, Long Beach, and also North and West Hollywood. Have visited Malibu, Venice Beach, Huntington Beach, Marina Del Ray (yes, the singer Lana del ray chose her stage name after this place), and San Diego. Never been to Big Bear yet.

My favorite places are Manhattan and Redondo Beach. I have some stories regarding musicians in Los Angeles. I met some musicians near Melrose Avenue and took selfies with them on my instagram). I was Roomates with a popular Hard rock band’s Bass player at one time though I will omit the name of the band for now. Saw Goo Goo Dolls at a concert in LA. Walked by the Viper Room all the time, and saw shows at the Whiskey a go-go.

One time, I even met Robert Downey Jr.  when he was promoting his film Ironman 3. He was very nice. Also, If you are familiar with the tattoo shop where “LA Ink” was filmed that is next to my apartment where I used to live. Hollywood has given me enough writing material to want to express myself in music. And I am grateful for that. I myself am not a rocker, nor do I wear leather. I have traded in my leather jackets for Vegan friendly clothing. And that’s what I truly believe in.

Walk by the Sunset Strip and you will hear people always say phrases like “That’s so crazy”, “basic bitch” “lit”, “savage”, “killin it”, “bae”, “yas” or yaaaas”, “we stan”, “yeet”, “goat”, “ya basic”, “so fire”, “sus”, “snatched”. “that’s the tea sis”, “spillin the tea”, “throwin’ shade”, “go ghost”, “thot”,”mood”, “goals”.

Back in the day it was more like “wassuppppp”, “what’s poppin?”, “so bomb”, “dope”, “bounce”, “peace out”, “stoked”, “owned”, “aiight”, “boo”, “word”, “trashed”, “tipsy”, “crunk”, “dime”, “bling”, “what’s good?”

Singing lessons and music lessons are on my agenda this year.
Veganism motivates my desires to write (I am a writer at heart) to be able to reach a core audience, and spark their interests. Maybe writing stories, blog posts, or songs that inspire people to go vegan, shop for more ethical clothing brands, and environmentally friendly causes.

Documentaries about veganism show me how to be more environmentally aware. and eco conscious when it comes to choosing clothing brands and brands in general.

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Let me know if you would like to share more storytimes with you. And what kind of storytimes you are interested in.

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Halloween costume ideas for 2019

Hey there and today i’m gonna talk about halloween. costumes for 2019. Theres a lot of videos you can check out titled 100 costume ideas for halloween, usually these costumes are movie characters, superheros, historical figures, or cartoon characters. but honestly who preplans what they’re going to wear each Halloween for the next hundred halloweens and why do you need 100 Halloween costume ideas, are you going to be celebrating that many halloweens? well some people celebrate halloween or all hallows eve and now there’s 30 days of halloween which can be vlogged. so that’s at least 30 costumes you need. Can you imagine the preparation and dedication that goes in for that. So these videos are good if you also go to horror related movie conventions where the fans are really excited and enthusiastic about the movie characters, or if you’re going to a halloween party. Personally I would not wear any of these costumes especially outdoors or if your’e over 30. I prefer seasonal halloween clothing or loungewear and you can feel comfortable wearing it all day. with classic halloween graphics and designs. it doesn’t have to be affiliated with a movie theme or character. Wildfox has all the classics like pumpkins, ghosts, bats, black cats, witches, warlocks, skeletons, vampires, frankenstein, mummies, jack-o-lanterns, clowns, in a cute and whimsical way. nothing too outlandish. Or if you’re looking for something more unique you can make your own costume. And you can wear these costumes while reviewing celebrities costumes cuz thats where the tea is.

Here are some inspiring Costumes to get you in the mood for halloween in 2019.

The Plant based based burger

The Beyond Burger costume, complete with a “plant-based” flag hat and “Not Grade A Certified” stamp on the side. Fake meat brands like Beyond and Impossible are shaking up the fast food game, and now you can turn your Halloween party on its head by dressing up as 2019’s hottest — and hottest — plant-based meat alternative sandwich.

Old School Rapper Accessory Kit

Old School Rapper Costume Kit! Rapper Costume Kit features a large gold chain necklace, large black rimmed glasses, and a durable black stiff black hat. which is like a bucket hat. So you can theoretically make this outfit at home if you have something vintage or maybe from the 1980’s.

these are pretty clever are original. Like Rita Ora dressed as post malone for Halloween, last year, in 2018.

Lots of vegans sometimes dress up as their favorite vegetables and fruits. You can go as an avocado or banana or even a melon. a smoothie or siracha bottle. Or you could go as your favorite vegan athlete.