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The back to the future 2015 Nike Air Mag sneakers

‘Back to the Future Part II’ Self-Lacing Sneakers are up for Auction . Marty mcfly wore these in back to the future 2 released in 1989. as seen in the 1989 classic sequel and released in a limited quantity to the public in 2016,

The sneaker, is part of a collection of 100 of the world’s rarest sneakers. The Stadium Goods: The Ultimate Sneaker Collection bidding closed for this collection on July 23rd 2019.

The Stadium Goods x Sothebys ‘Ultimate Sneaker Collection Auction’ was accessible via, or just want to check out the collection on display, it was at Sothebys New York Galleries on 1334 York Ave.

The Nike MAG ‘Back to the Future’ 2016 sneakers are Considered one of the greatest innovations in sneaker history. These sneakers could be looked back on as a unique pop culture goodie, Sneakers can increase in value over time. Limited releases and mega collaborations can increase the hype, and demand. the Nike Mags first caught everyones attention as a movie prop, developed by designer Tinker Hatfield and Nike CEO Mark Parker almost three decades ago, when  director Robert Zemeckis’ requested a futuristic sneaker to use in the 1989 sequel, set in the year 2015.

30 years later, the shoes are still popular, and it’s the concept of the future. The innovation in sneakers; they have a mechanism that recognizes your foot to tie the laces itself.

the auction collection was created by gathering extremely rare sneakers. The Nike Mags, which took 10 years to develop before being made available to the public, first in 2011 without the automatic laces, and then in 2016 with them, which were hard to get. Only 1,500 pairs of first-generation Mags went on sale in 2011, and only 89 pairs of the self-lacing shoes were created and released in 2016.

Sneakerheads know these shoes are for sale on various sites and avenues online, but Wunsch believes this auction, done collaboratively with Stadium Goods, offers buyers authenticity. “They’re art collectibles, but they’re also utilitarian items, so the less people use these shoes increases the value, because the scarcity increases. These Nike Mags are in pristine condition; they’ve never been worn, so they are extremely rare,” says Wunsch. “Most likely some of the people who bought the extremely limited pairs that were issued have worn them and may continue to wear them so, in that way, finding a pristine condition version will only accrue interest so long as they’re kept in that shape.”

Wunsch can’t reveal where the shoes come from, but they are being kept on display in two individual cases at Sotheby’s in New York, along with the other 98 pairs, which include five sets of unreleased versions from the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 “Friends & Family Collection,” designed by the multiplatinum rapper himself, as well as a pair of Adidas sneakers Pharrell Williams designed for Chanel, worn by Karl Lagerfeld.

Courtesy Sotheby’s

“To think about Karl Lagerfeld owning these sneakers and keeping them in pristine condition, that’s incomparable,” says Wunsch. “I’m also unbelievably excited to see what happens with the historic Nike ‘Moon Shoe,'” he says, referring to the never-worn handmade shoes that are one of only 12 pairs ever made, with treads resembling those of the Apollo astronauts, designed by Nike co-founder and track coach Bill Bowerman for runners at the 1972 Olympics trials. 

Shoezeum is selling the original.

The OG self-lacing shoe—one of only a handful made for the 1989 film—launched a bidding war between 220 sneaker collectors.

As reported by Sole Collector, eBay seller shoezeum hosted the auction after securing the sneaker from the personal collection of a longtime Nike employee.

There is no word on whether the film’s star,Michael J. Fox—actually wore this specific shoe. While the Nike Swoosh and triangular cutouts are just about right, the strap curiously crosses the laces; Marty McFly’s kicks featured a strap at the top, around the ankle.

In 2011, Nike auctioned 1,500 pairs of replica Mags (which light up but don’t have self-tying laces), raising funds for Fox’s charity dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

The formerly fictional footwear, however, became a reality a couple of years ago, when Nike made a working pair of self-lacing sneaks, auctioned off in Hong Kong.

The manufacturer in 2016 released the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0—legitimate self-lacing shoes.

This modern adaptation is the most high-tech pair of shoes any sportswear company has developed; not just a gimmick, the sneakers feature advanced athletic technology, and require a power source.

These are two articles from sotheby and shoezeum.

I wish I could add these to my sneaker collection!

I’ve had worn many sneakers in my life and collected them. All different kinds of sneakers, converse, adidas, nike, reebok, puma, fila. I been thinking to post my favorite brands on my blog and on my channel as well. I am obsessed with sneakers as you can tell.

You can find other kinds of sneaker collections online as well. I will post more when I see something new.

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Madonna’s too faced makeup collection

Too Faced founder, Jerrod Blandino, revealed on Instagram that he and Madonna partnered to create two makeup kits based on the upcoming looks she’ll be wearing on her Madame X tour.

The first makeup Kit is called the ‘Medellin Set’, and consists of a vibrant red shade of Too Faced’s Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Lipstick called “lady-balls”, eyeshadows Ray of Light, bitch-I’m Madonna, Like a Virgin, Dark Ballet, Into the Groove are the shade and highlighter colors. ranging from matte peaches to red shimmers and a baby pink blush. The set also includes the brand’s new Damn Girl! waterproof Mascara and Better Than sex easy glide waterproof Liquid Liner.

The second kit is called “I Rise,” is Madonna’s take on a bronzy glam makeup look. It features a blush and eyeshadow. The Shadows are: Lucky Star, Material Girl, Dress You Up, I Rise, and The Blush is called- “come alive” with golden and mauve powders, a Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick called Sell Out which is a soft brown, and the Better Than sex Mascara.

The kits are available for a limited time only at the Madame X pop-up shop at 430 West 15th street in New York City.

So why did it take so long for Madonna to release a makeup collection?

Lots of Celebrities have launched their own makeup collections lately. People have been striving to look like their favorite celebrities with celeb inspired makeup tuturials on youtube. Her 80’s and 90’s looks are iconic. A Pioneer in this beauty collection trend, Cher’s 1990’s Lori Davis hair-care products infomercials, which may or may not have been a cringe worthy moment in cher’s career. Well, if anyone knows the secret to beauty its these two who have invented their own styles and paved the way for so many other artists.

The last time I saw her circa 2015 with Madonna’s celeb filled

Music Video wearing a pink studded leather jacket.

Katy Perry, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West

Moschino leopard-print dress and hot pink studded jacket by Discount Universe. Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers. “Threat” hat by SSUR, custom T-shirt dress by Tom Tom Fashions and Prada shoes.

Too Faced Co-Founder and CEO Jeremy Johnson started his career in fashion and cosmetics in his early 20s. In the late ’90s, Jeremy teamed up with business partner Jerrod Blandino.

Too Faced, not one to shy from controversy recently, amongst beauty guru youtubers.

Although they should focus less on the packaging on more on the product. Their main focal point is the packaging. They want to incorporate the importance of aesthetically pleasing objects in a girl’s life. They do have vegan products which is a plus, However, it should be noted that Too Faced is owned by Estee Lauder, a parent corporation still testing on animals in 2019. Too Faced was bought by Estee Lauder in 2016.

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Forever 21 is filing for bankruptcy

Forever 21 is filing for bankruptcy, according to their website they’re not officially going out of business, although forever 21 will be closing many of its stores across the US of its as part of its bankruptcy proceedings. currently there are hundreds of Forever 21 stores worldwide. Forever 21 was founded in 1984, The first location, originally called Fashion 21, was 900 square feet and stocked merchandise purchased at wholesale close-out sales.

Court papers show its plan to reel in higher spending customers, with targeted advertisements on social media platforms to reach out to customers who used to shop at the store but don’t anymore. Forever 21’s instagram has 16 million followers which is more than Gap, J. Crew and Abercrombie & Fitch combined.

But with more success comes more mismanagement . Ariana grande is suing forever 21 for copying her style.

Forever 21 and the beauty store Riley Rose is being accused of more than just  using an Ariana Grande lookalike. The lawsuit alleges that they posted actual photographs of Ariana, infringed on her trademarks, and used her music and lyrics to promote its products despite not having her permission. This apparently happened after plans of an endorsement deal between Ariana Grande and Forever 21 never ended up happening.

Earlier this summer, forever 21 sent Atkins diet bars to its shoppers as an extra gift. This is for people on a low carb low sugar diet. This had some customers outraged for fat shaming them.  in a statement Forever 21 apologized and said the promo went to all customers, not just plus sized women.  Forever 21 had sent these bars as a free gift, and has since stated they will not be sending out any more freebies.

So what was Forever 21 like in its heyday? It seems to be all outfits appealing to generation y (millennials) and generation z (post millennials), lots of boho chic and bohemian mini dresses, jeans, and graphic tees. Forever 21 has been around for years, most notably due to their popularity with achieving the celebrity look with basic everyday outfits. The bobo (bourgeoisie bohemian) style was having a resurgence, thanks to celebrities. People felt like they were dressing just like their favorite celebrities. Oversized cardigans, oversized scarves, boho chic bag or purse, oversized hats, oversized sunglasses, distressed and ripped boho jeans. Their popularity grew during the Great Recession, when shoppers were interested in fashion bargains. But Forever 21 went on an aggressive expansion just as shoppers were gravitating towards more online shopping.

In the early 2010s, Forever 21 started having celebrities promote limited-edition collections. Then menswear lines came out. and finally, it launched its plus-size line, which was later relaunched again.

Its next big trend was festival wear for events like Coachella. the festival styles first appeared around 2014.

this is when consumer sentiment began to change and shoppers began to turn away from fast fashion. Millennial who increasingly turned away from malls headed to trendy online sites. They’re also interested in buying eco-friendly fashions, like clothing items made from recycled materials. Forever 21 was Growing rapidly alongside Fast fashion competitors Zara and H&M. And Forever 21 was more popular than older staples from the Malls like The Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle.

In the last decade, a bunch of online-only fashion retailers have popped like Fashion Nova, Nasty Gal and Boo Hoo.

These sites are more fun for millennial and are more social media friendly. Also, Each have on their website info regarding working conditions at factories and other environmental info. Asos says that this year, it will completely remove materials like cashmere, mohair, feathers, down, silk, bone horn and shell from their websites. By offering more eco-friendly fashions, These stores can upgrade alongside with the more modern times. more sophisticated branding, better use of social media, and a better understanding of design trends is what gives these online stores the advantage.

On a final note, I’m going to miss Forever 21 for its clothing that supposedly makes you look and feel like a celebrity,  I even wrote a song and posted a video about the FOREVER 21 HOT CHEETOS COLLECTION / I don’t think it will be the final edit, now. its still in its pre- recording stages.

I would definitely write more songs like this if given the opportunity.

Forever 21 has to go big or go home. If the name of the brand is forever 21 and you want to make people look younger or feel like celebrities, as your brand suggests then use more sustainable eco friendly materials. Follow in Asos’s footsteps and upgrade your style. Regardless if you are just going to copy celebrity styles or copy music festival fashion.

So check out my other videos on the Forever 21 hot cheetos collection. For a more in depth look at bohemian styled clothing, and why millennials prefer online shopping and the future of malls, be sure to subscribe to my channel for all things fashion, high fashion, and vegan fashion. if you’re new. click the bell for notifications, leave a comment, share this video, and like this video. Your support means a lot to me. Thanks so much and cya next time!

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Halloween costume ideas for 2019

Hey there and today i’m gonna talk about halloween. costumes for 2019. Theres a lot of videos you can check out titled 100 costume ideas for halloween, usually these costumes are movie characters, superheros, historical figures, or cartoon characters. but honestly who preplans what they’re going to wear each Halloween for the next hundred halloweens and why do you need 100 Halloween costume ideas, are you going to be celebrating that many halloweens? well some people celebrate halloween or all hallows eve and now there’s 30 days of halloween which can be vlogged. so that’s at least 30 costumes you need. Can you imagine the preparation and dedication that goes in for that. So these videos are good if you also go to horror related movie conventions where the fans are really excited and enthusiastic about the movie characters, or if you’re going to a halloween party. Personally I would not wear any of these costumes especially outdoors or if your’e over 30. I prefer seasonal halloween clothing or loungewear and you can feel comfortable wearing it all day. with classic halloween graphics and designs. it doesn’t have to be affiliated with a movie theme or character. Wildfox has all the classics like pumpkins, ghosts, bats, black cats, witches, warlocks, skeletons, vampires, frankenstein, mummies, jack-o-lanterns, clowns, in a cute and whimsical way. nothing too outlandish. Or if you’re looking for something more unique you can make your own costume. And you can wear these costumes while reviewing celebrities costumes cuz thats where the tea is.

Here are some inspiring Costumes to get you in the mood for halloween in 2019.

The Plant based based burger

The Beyond Burger costume, complete with a “plant-based” flag hat and “Not Grade A Certified” stamp on the side. Fake meat brands like Beyond and Impossible are shaking up the fast food game, and now you can turn your Halloween party on its head by dressing up as 2019’s hottest — and hottest — plant-based meat alternative sandwich.

Old School Rapper Accessory Kit

Old School Rapper Costume Kit! Rapper Costume Kit features a large gold chain necklace, large black rimmed glasses, and a durable black stiff black hat. which is like a bucket hat. So you can theoretically make this outfit at home if you have something vintage or maybe from the 1980’s.

these are pretty clever are original. Like Rita Ora dressed as post malone for Halloween, last year, in 2018.

Lots of vegans sometimes dress up as their favorite vegetables and fruits. You can go as an avocado or banana or even a melon. a smoothie or siracha bottle. Or you could go as your favorite vegan athlete.


The Victoria’s secret fashion show is cancelled

Hey there!! I’d like to welcome you to my channel. if you’re new please subscribe and click the bell for notifications, like this video and share this video. check out my other videos for all things fashion and much much more. you will stay updated on what styles and fashions are trendy and stylish, So let’s start the video. shall we?

The first fashion show was held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. It included bridal lingerie and the fantasy bra which (back then) was made of satin. and  floral lingerie sets—which all came equipped with a matching robe. During the early 90’s they aired the show around Valentine’s Day and had a different (more basic) lighting setup.

In the Late 90’s There were corsets and thigh high leggings. Later outfits resembled a fairy costume and also models wore silver lingerie with a billowing cape behind them.  Then  Victoria’s Secret introduced the Iconic wings. Later, The Victoria’s secret was broadcast via the Web. Models walked the runway with much larger angel wings — the trend had become iconic. Gold outfits, and see through boots. Over the years The Wings turned into massive wings, gigantic  with white feathers. over-the-knee boots and an all over sequins. At one Victoria’s Secret fashion show, protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals showed up brandishing signs while the  models continued strutting down the runway without batting an eyelash.

The mid 2000’s had an even bigger stage and setup. The Victoria’s secret Pink line came to the runway (aimed at college students). The background to the runway has become more creative over the years. Edgy floral ensembles, bright  colors and pastels which is typical of the Pink brand. And spectacular and more elaborate themes and outfits. Sometimes dressed as human embodiment of a life size bow. Like you would see on a wrapped gift.

One of the segments of the show featured a number of tribal and Native American-inspired outfits. One ensemble in particular has had people on social media criticizing the brand for culture appropriation. And the native american outfit was removed from the final cut of the victorias secret show broadcast. The internet era brought the Victoria’s secret Fashion show memes.  Funny captions are added to some captured moments on the runway. Making fun of something that is not typically there for laughs. In addition to lower ratings, Victoria’s Secret has faced backlash for their lack of inclusion on the runway. gender discrimination and excluding plus size models. The 2019 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is cancelled. so I won’t be watching this show. Will I ever watch the show? “EXHALES” probably not, they have a lot of room for improvement. It would be nice if they listened to real opinions from real people. More simple bralettes from different brands have stolen the stage so to speak. The show itself has nothing to do with the clothing they sell. I think the show is a bit over the top and alienating, regardless of the clothes they are selling. Of course the L Brands, Inc. (formerly known as Limited Brands, Inc. and The Limited, Inc.) is an American fashion retailer based in Columbus, Ohio. Its flagship brands include Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works started in 1990 (which sells fragrance mists, lotions and candles for different holidays and seasons) . And apparently “The Limited” Clothing store is closed. Limited announced that it would be closing all 250 of its stores in 2017. However, Belk and Limited-branded merchandise is available on its website. and Victoria’s Secret has Apologized After The insensitive remarks and Statements made by the executive of the show.

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The met gala is not cancelled

Hey there! I’m going to talk about the met gala. So If you are new to this channel  please subscribe, click the bell for notifications, like this video and leave a comment. As soon as I heard about the met gala, I’ve been working on making a video for my viewers. I think it would be a good topic to cover as I’m just starting out my channel. If you want to stay updated on fashion. Please check out my other videos. This video isn’t really about fashion it’s more like a costume ball. and thats what these celebutants want you to sit through. well technically it’s the fashion designers who are calling the shots unless you’ve gone out of your way to choose your own outfit which I don’t recommend doing. It’s the fashion designers choice of what you’re going to wear.

The Met Gala, formally called the Costume Institute Gala and also known as the Met Ball, is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. It marks the opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit.The Gala is widely regarded as among the most prominent and most exclusive social events in the world. Although this is not the 1940’s glamour of Hollywood. Golden age of Hollywood throughout old Hollywood Glitz and glamour of the 1950’s. The met Gala was started in 1948.

What you will find at this event is at least 3 or 4 Youtuber attendees. Maybe you have heard of them, maybe not. I personally have never watched the Met Gala event on TV or anything and I don’t plan on starting anytime soon. I am not going to be watching this event in the future particularly because I think it is kind of a joke that these youtubers or influencers as you call them. will be there every year. Yes you can call them social media influencers because they are influencing fashion and influencing celebrities I just don’t see any excitement from the fashion industry. It’s very bland and just meh. They all look serious with a cool and calm composure for the red carpet, but I did not see any outfits I actually liked or costumes as this is a costume ball. The Glitz and glamour of Hollywood is no longer, make way for the memes. these celebrities are lackluster. they should just quit while they’re ahead i don’t even understand what they are promoting. You’re going to be asking What’s next? What’s the next big thing. let’s take it to the next level.

I just wanted to come on here and say that I will not be reviewing these outfits and costumes on my channel. I know that you might be the type of person to immediately go watch these Met Gala reaction videos as soon as they come out. But I just can’t sit through these reaction videos. The celebrities show up with a really serious pose and speak for 30 or 60 seconds when being interviewed with a certain stance and demeanor on the red carpet. or sometimes even quite rude. Its a little game they like to play with the audience. Then you make a reaction video and make over exaggerated facial expressions to really nonsensical things that are happening as they are happening. When it should be the other way around. It’s a lot more enjoyable when you can catch these attendees having reactions and catch their reactions. They should have reaction videos instead of having people reacting to them.

Often When celebs attend events, the camera is Zooming into the celebs in the audience and have clever edits with a pan and zoom, sound effects, for something more upbeat and comical for the internet era.

Like as they are walking up the red carpet, a horse clomping or horse walking sound effect is added, as if they are trying to walk in those heels. when they are giving the short interviews add dramatic suspense instrumentals as if they are saying something so incredibly important or make it sound like there’s an large echo as if what they said was really awkward and random. Then pan and zoom the camera and saturate the colors. The end result is  comedy gold for millennials..

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Forever 21 Flaming hot cheetos collection

Hey there! today I’m going to talk about the new forever 21 flamin hot cheetos limited edition collection.

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So about the flaming hot cheetos limited collection—

This collection includes: Cheetos Flamin Hot Graphic Slides, a flamin hot cheetos button down graphic jersey, cheetos crew socks, boxxy tee, embroidered black tee, orange rhinestone crop top, neon green crop top, camisole, bodysuit, tube top, tube dress, flaming hot pendant necklace, and other matching Leopard, tiger, animal print, cheetah print clothing and biker shorts and accessories.

I can’t help to wonder if whoever designed this collection had social media inluencers in mind. when they designed the collection.

Lots of youtubers post videos about their obsession with  flamin hot cheetos. this super spicy and crunchy snack is fun and lets people get creative. although it might not be the healthiest snack in the world. so maybe next time there will be a vegetables logo print dress. to even things out. the original frito lays is vegan. I guess the flaming hot cheetos aren’t vegan, maybe one day. but the clothes and style are still unique and not actually real cheetah print so you can wear it if you’d like.

People are flocking to youtube to write songs about it. Maybe it would be a good reason to wear this outfit and wear it for that. Heres some of what I wrote.

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

think youre hip// all that and a bag of chips

Lime, chipotle ranch, // extra hot will make you flip

flamin hot even on a // banana split or peach crisp

these flamin hot cheetos // outfits will make you trip

bright neon tees cheetah print // down the sunset strip

extra hot flamin cheetos // vibes is always flourescent

just checkin what i’m wearin // this new cheetos collection

mention all this flexxin // i aint messin // i aint messin

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

and Thats my song I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think? it’s not the final cut obviously. I will still add some more verses. and mix it in with a track. Leave a comment and don’t forget to check out my merch please check back for more videos and I appreciate the support it means a lot to me. C YA next time!

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All about my youtuber merch

OK so In the begining of this year I started making youtube videos and merch. I want to put out the best merch there is. Something you can wear everyday no matter where you are. At the gym, going out for a smoothie, staying in at home watching Youtube, at the beach, on vacation, out grocery shopping, getting a manicure or pedicure, casual day at the office, out dancing or to a music festival.  So anyway here are the examples of my merch. Everyday I am revamping my style  to give you the best quality merch. You can see them all on my tumblr which I post frequently to. You can find all the designs to my merch there. I have many designs available and even more on the way. As of now they are kind of a vaporwave-retrowave aesthetic, with greco roman statues with glitch effect, and beach vibes with lots of palm trees and sunsets, limes, coconuts. They all have my logo OCEAN MELON. I’ll leave a link to my store where you can see all my designs. some retro casual beach vibes aesthetic. The merch designs and inspirations are based on the music I want to create. They revolve on themes, like circus, celebrity, fashion designer, fashion model, with retro and vintage cameras and flip phones, spring break, sports and leisure, beach day, but also sending out some good vibes like a vegan and ethical clothing. and to support those causes.

Currently I am working on my bullet journals. 4 designs for 4 seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These are include stories pertaining to each occasion. Lilac Sunday for spring, a circus-amusement park for summer, Halloween, and Winter wonderland.

The planners come with at least 80 pages. You can gift these items to anyone on their Birthday or for Christmas they would make an excellent stocking stuffer! I bought four. A George stanley planner, a fringe studio planner with a lovely scenic landscape mountains and forest trees on the front and back. A Studio oh! journal with ombre watercolor and gold font stenciling on front “Live the story you want to tell”. and finally, a Clementine paper inc. black spiral journal with gold stars and gold font stenciling on front “Shine like the stars”.I will be coloring these in using Jane Davenport colored pencils.

The lilac sunday design I am entering into an annual contest. For Any Arboretum t-shirt design contest they have each year. So please enter my name and vote for me. Ocean Melon.

Also please check me out on instagram, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, lookbook, where I am posting daily. And of course if you are new to my YouTube channel please subscribe, click the bell for notifications, like and share this video, and leave a comment. That would mean a lot to me! and I appreciate your support.


Fashion do’s for women

Hey! Today I’m going to talk about clothes. Please check out my other videos titled fashion dos and donts for men and women. So you are new to my channel! thanks for stopping by. Please subscribe, click the bell for notifications, leave a comment, and like this video.

1. Minimalist

Fall/Autumn colors like navy, mustard, mauve, plum, olive, and burgundy/maroon. Minimal tones include, of course, black, white, and gray, but also charcoal, cream/off-white, camel, chestnut, nude, blush and other pastels, taupe, and beige. skinny jeans, bermuda shorts, boat neck or crew neck shirts, striped shirts, shirts with flared shirts, boxy shirts, extra long coats, extra long cardigans, loose jeans, loose dress pants, basic or foundational pieces, like a white tee, dark wash jeans, pencil skirts, button-up blouses, blazer, denim jacket, black jacket, black, windowpane pattern shirt, large plaid pattern with only two colors in it, Fabrics like Broadcloth cotton – not really thin light cottons, linen, denim, chambray, ponte knit. This fashion is centered around workwear so you can catch people out and about all day wearing this style.

2. Bohemian or boho-chic

white crochet lace dress with flared sleeves, versatile vests like a denim vest, maxi skirts, flared jeans, denim overalls, flared corduroy pants, Boho chic tops, Paisley printed tanks tops, pom-pom tunics, shirts ruffled off-shoulders, boho chic crochet knitted sweater, crochet fringe cape, boho chic floral print dress with flared sleeves, off shoulder shirts and maxi dresses.

3. Sporty

anything from hiking to camping and also activewear.  twist tank, Slouchy cropped cargo pants featured in a baggy style with large pockets on the legs and drawstring ankle. Sporty track pants featuring a stripe down the sides and elastic waistband, ribbed racerback tank made of soft stretch cotton. high neck racerback tanks, cropped tank with a crisscross cut out back design.  sports tops featured in a longline design with a scoop neckline and open back with a twisted detail. Perfect to layer or wear on its own. Remember to layer these tops with a cami. stretch fit ankle length yoga pants with a reinforced waistband. plush and fuzzy pullover is featured in an oversized design with a high neckline. lightweight parka, zip up hoodies.

4. Casual

Jeans, over sized t-shirts, cropped t-shirts and biker shorts. oversized pullovers, denim jacket, MERCH, anything that you feel the most comfortable in but also fits with current trends and styles.

5. Elegant

midi or maxi a-line skirts paired with an elegant blouse that is not sheer or revealing, cotton or linen fabrics, chino cotton pants, crewneck pullovers, cardigans, collared neckline, 3/4 length sleeved shirts, boat neck shirts, white capri jeans, keep your cleavage and your belly button covered. armholes on blouses and dresses should not reveal your bra. Tweed skirt with black tights and turtleneck. elegant blazers. but not colorful blazers with with shorts underneath. Make sure it has a slightly longer length so it doesn’t look like a work blazer and made from a stretch material.

6. Modern

oversized flannels, ripped clothing, band tees, babydoll dresses, skater skirt, plaid skirt, distressed tights and leggings, vaporwave vectors and aesthetic shapes and symbols, vegan metallic and white boots, white v-neck shirts, and a faux leather moto jacket and faux leather leggings. vegan black platform boots. vegan means man-made materials. so always check the labels.

7. Contemporary (haulster)

this is post hipster. ig models, vsco, any clothing hauls. If you don’t know what clothing hauls are then you are really out of the loop. these are like bi-weekly review hauls. you may even get sponsored by your favorite brand. tips on what to wear or not to wear but you better hurry because the majority of it is fast fashion so the styles of clothes move pretty fast. just subscribe to haul channels to stay updated because there is ALOT of different brands, clothing and merch to check out.

8. Vibrant

So you wanna get loads of compliments? Then add a splash of color! you don’t have to wear one solid color from head to toe, but maybe add a hint here and there of some bold vibrant colors. like a skirt and shirt or pants while the rest stays neutral, black, brown, beige or white. Just add a splash of color to neutral colors. this will surely get you noticed.

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Fashion do’s for men

Hey there!

I’m going to show you how to dress and want to look good and feel confident in yourself. Please check out my other videos. I have one called fashion dos for men and fashion dos for  women. Also fashion don’ts for men and fashion don’ts for women. If you are new to this channel please subscribe, click the bell for notifications, like this video and leave a comment.

1. Minimalist

This is a very basic look. Thats why it’s called minimalist. Jean and tshirts, neutrals – navys, greys, browns, drabs, blacks – no graphics or logos. polo shirts, navy grey or black sweatshirts, henley shirts, selvedge thin dark denim pants like a slim fit, oxford shirts, breton top, bomber jacket, linen suit, faux leather moto jacket


2. Casual

Comfortable and casual style. no suits. 90’s oversized sweatshirts, 90’s color blocked shirts, oversized tees, think merch. Light Stacked Skinny Jeans or Relaxed Slim Built-In Flex Jeans For Men. slim fit jeans.

4. Rocker

Faux leather motto jacket, black tees, black skinny jeans, or ripped jeans, band tees, vneck white shirts, flannel and plaid shirts, think vintage.

5. Preppy

Rugby shirts, polo shirts, critter tie, oxford cotton button-down shirt. cable-knit varsity sweater, blazer, madras shirt, preppy chinos in classic tones like sands, khakis and navies.

6. Sportswear

Do you play a lot of sports or spend a lot of time at the gym, maybe just go hiking or camping. then this is a whole vibe and lets people know your style. and what this says about you. zip up hoodies, padded outdoor jacket, running pants, joggers. you can choose a wicking fabric if you spend a lot of time outdoors. tech layer 2 in 1 running pants are very breathable. lightweight cotton crewneck shirts or tank tops. choose a neck shape that’s most comfortable for you. bomber jackets, Sneakers, sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts,  sweatpants and tracksuits are the most hyped products in men’s fashion.

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