Forever 21 Flaming hot cheetos collection

Hey there! today I’m going to talk about the new forever 21 flamin hot cheetos limited edition collection.

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So about the flaming hot cheetos limited collection—

This collection includes: Cheetos Flamin Hot Graphic Slides, a flamin hot cheetos button down graphic jersey, cheetos crew socks, boxxy tee, embroidered black tee, orange rhinestone crop top, neon green crop top, camisole, bodysuit, tube top, tube dress, flaming hot pendant necklace, and other matching Leopard, tiger, animal print, cheetah print clothing and biker shorts and accessories.

I can’t help to wonder if whoever designed this collection had social media inluencers in mind. when they designed the collection.

Lots of youtubers post videos about their obsession with  flamin hot cheetos. this super spicy and crunchy snack is fun and lets people get creative. although it might not be the healthiest snack in the world. so maybe next time there will be a vegetables logo print dress. to even things out. the original frito lays is vegan. I guess the flaming hot cheetos aren’t vegan, maybe one day. but the clothes and style are still unique and not actually real cheetah print so you can wear it if you’d like.

People are flocking to youtube to write songs about it. Maybe it would be a good reason to wear this outfit and wear it for that. Heres some of what I wrote.

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

think youre hip// all that and a bag of chips

Lime, chipotle ranch, // extra hot will make you flip

flamin hot even on a // banana split or peach crisp

these flamin hot cheetos // outfits will make you trip

bright neon tees cheetah print // down the sunset strip

extra hot flamin cheetos // vibes is always flourescent

just checkin what i’m wearin // this new cheetos collection

mention all this flexxin // i aint messin // i aint messin

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

I said flamin hot flamin hot flamin flamin hot hot

Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos Not just cheetos

and Thats my song I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think? it’s not the final cut obviously. I will still add some more verses. and mix it in with a track. Leave a comment and don’t forget to check out my merch please check back for more videos and I appreciate the support it means a lot to me. C YA next time!

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The real reason to join Youtube

The real reason I joined youtube as a social media influencer

So it’s the 2020’s now, and we’re living in futuristic times ya’ll.

everyone and their neighbor, local pastor, politician, business entrepreneur, sports fans from accross the way, every rooney tooney and looney has an insta, twitter, whats app, snapchat, you name it. they’re on it. don’t even have to get into the logistics of why. Just like people being obsessed with their phones and taking selfies, to the point where they break the internet and put out a book all about selfies. this is maximum input. consider the library closed for business. If you want to feel cultured connecting with like minded individuals who want to challenge themselves creatively to the utmost extreme. its about putting out relatable content every single day.

When the movie “The social Network” came out, The trailer included the song “POWER” by Kanye West. the Movie starred Justin Timberlake accompanied by a soundtrack by trent reznor. What does power mean? To me it means not being able to switch off that “power button” to social media when you have people who want to take it to the next level constantly, you can take back control. Use your social media platform to spread awareness about your favorite cause or topic. Anything like Veganism, climate change, deforestation, hurricane and humanitarian relief, clean energy sources, solar energy, sustainable living, organic gardening, economic resources like bettering the Social and Environmental Impacts of “Fast Fashion and a more sustainable and eco friendly apparel industry. This is not about celebrities and their paparazzo’s. it’s not a modeling show, or runway show, or fashion show. This isn’t 80’s entrepreneur videos or 90’s overdramatic talk shows. this is real, everyday life. there’s no acting involved.

Some advice for youtubers starting their channel. Stick with one theme. If you change your style too much it may confuse your audience. That’s why it’s called your brand. It’s how viewers recognize your channel. Leave in any bloopers or blunders and just be yourself. Viewers will admire your authenticity. Set milestones for yourself and give appreciation to your viewers. Show gratitude in a milestone video.

A traveller, mountain climber, or nature and wilderness expert isn’t going to walk on stage at improv night at a comedy club and expect the audience not to be confused. If 90% of your videos are prank videos you wouldn’t expect your audience to support you if all of a sudden your videos changed from prank videos to serious review videos.  People don’t like when channels quote “drastically change”. Be conscious of your audience. if you are getting only negative comments then it’s time to really focus on your core message. and check out other youtubers who have the same style as you. and maybe seek guidance from those Youtubers.

In 2010 you couldn’t walk around Hollywood without seeing “The social network movie” posters literally everywhere. at every turn and on every street. they were clearly over-doing it with the outdoor advertisements. 

eventually everyone joined facebook, and it was chaotic. facebook era viral celebrities like corey worthington who threw parties which ended up on the news and joined reality TV shows and some other tomfoolery. it’s basically like you need a reality show nowadays just to fit in. You gotta take it to the next level. it’s not about selfies anymore. you gotta film everything you do and be a reality star.

in 2013 the Purge came out and again the media was over-hyping this with advertisements literally everywhere in Los Angeles . As of 2017 when you walk around L.A. all you see is graffiti’d posters of the It clown but instead of the IT CLOWN, it’s a photoshop of Caitlin Jenner. You can tell by these fake posters how uninspired people are with the movie industry. every other movie that comes out is in 3D or a remake, the quality of the picture is not as good as it used to be. Everyone wants to live in the now or in the moment and its all about awkward moments caught on live-TV, improvisation, and audience reactions. Zooming into the audience to catch a celebrity reaction at an award show. because this fits into the agenda of a meme or having a smaller clip that can be easily turned into a viral video. the aesthetics have changed, and the media platforms have changed.

So how does this all reflect our trying times? I think the ideas, concepts, or whatever that were handed down to us can sometimes be a bit too “out there” for whatever reason, too political, or religious-based, so people seek out something more realistic. Thats why it’s called reality TV.  PEOPLE WAN’T TO BE ABLE TO RELATE TO THE CONTENT. that’s why it’s called relatable content. If I say go overdue it with the drama, and it’s really emotional then it’s going to end up on a docu-series or it should be on an episode daytime TV. Just like some pop stars are not considered tech-savvy or influential, you wouldn’t call them social media influencers. and you wouldn’t use or help promote their brands, and not take into effect factors like globalization? They can’t handle the haters and it shows. Facebook is a prime example of modern day globilization. The celeb overkill in the twittersphere is ready to jump the twitter shark! They need to get back to the basics. I think demonetization of videos has allowed people to really reflect on themselves and the content they are putting out. music gets copyrighted, even if it’s just background music. and also the explicit language is not advised in videos.

So there is a fine line of YouTubers  going against the extremes on each polarized spectrum. On one side you have the daytime tv show casers who are too emotional in each video that it’s getting in the way of them producing any real content. their personal lives are bigger than their professional lives. On the other side you have the Youtubers who have gone all “Reality TV” and Put out more content than necessary. It’s like their constantly chasing that clout, so the end result looks fake. Their professional lives are off balance to their private life.

You gotta stay grounded and realize that you are not a superstar celebrity so sometimes what you say is TMI, especially when it comes to politics or religion. On the other hand this is a heads up to real celebrities that maybe your content isn’t what you originally had expected it to be. Your music, movies, & television shows, are outdated. If you are an actor or musician or athlete you can start a YouTube channel. Just start simple and show what your everyday life is like and maybe try to interact with some other social media influencers and youtubers as well. I am not talking about a house tour, or going on a foreign game show. Just show people you are human. Just show people you are a real person. and people will respect that and maybe JUST MAYBE promote your brand. ok celebrities don’t need to cop an attitude or flip off the cameraman to get attention, this isn’t the 90’s. There’s mega compilations of celebrities giving really bad interviews on TV, and I just don’t really see them as superstar celebrities. You don’t have to seek advice or guidance on how to be a celebrity. Just be yourself. which is a lot better than being fake. Just don’t over – do it with the drama.

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All about my youtuber merch

OK so In the begining of this year I started making youtube videos and merch. I want to put out the best merch there is. Something you can wear everyday no matter where you are. At the gym, going out for a smoothie, staying in at home watching Youtube, at the beach, on vacation, out grocery shopping, getting a manicure or pedicure, casual day at the office, out dancing or to a music festival.  So anyway here are the examples of my merch. Everyday I am revamping my style  to give you the best quality merch. You can see them all on my tumblr which I post frequently to. You can find all the designs to my merch there. I have many designs available and even more on the way. As of now they are kind of a vaporwave-retrowave aesthetic, with greco roman statues with glitch effect, and beach vibes with lots of palm trees and sunsets, limes, coconuts. They all have my logo OCEAN MELON. I’ll leave a link to my store where you can see all my designs. some retro casual beach vibes aesthetic. The merch designs and inspirations are based on the music I want to create. They revolve on themes, like circus, celebrity, fashion designer, fashion model, with retro and vintage cameras and flip phones, spring break, sports and leisure, beach day, but also sending out some good vibes like a vegan and ethical clothing. and to support those causes.

Currently I am working on my bullet journals. 4 designs for 4 seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These are include stories pertaining to each occasion. Lilac Sunday for spring, a circus-amusement park for summer, Halloween, and Winter wonderland.

The planners come with at least 80 pages. You can gift these items to anyone on their Birthday or for Christmas they would make an excellent stocking stuffer! I bought four. A George stanley planner, a fringe studio planner with a lovely scenic landscape mountains and forest trees on the front and back. A Studio oh! journal with ombre watercolor and gold font stenciling on front “Live the story you want to tell”. and finally, a Clementine paper inc. black spiral journal with gold stars and gold font stenciling on front “Shine like the stars”.I will be coloring these in using Jane Davenport colored pencils.

The lilac sunday design I am entering into an annual contest. For Any Arboretum t-shirt design contest they have each year. So please enter my name and vote for me. Ocean Melon.

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Fashion do's for women

Hey! Today I’m going to talk about clothes. Please check out my other videos titled fashion dos and donts for men and women. So you are new to my channel! thanks for stopping by. Please subscribe, click the bell for notifications, leave a comment, and like this video.

1. Minimalist

Fall/Autumn colors like navy, mustard, mauve, plum, olive, and burgundy/maroon. Minimal tones include, of course, black, white, and gray, but also charcoal, cream/off-white, camel, chestnut, nude, blush and other pastels, taupe, and beige. skinny jeans, bermuda shorts, boat neck or crew neck shirts, striped shirts, shirts with flared shirts, boxy shirts, extra long coats, extra long cardigans, loose jeans, loose dress pants, basic or foundational pieces, like a white tee, dark wash jeans, pencil skirts, button-up blouses, blazer, denim jacket, black jacket, black, windowpane pattern shirt, large plaid pattern with only two colors in it, Fabrics like Broadcloth cotton – not really thin light cottons, linen, denim, chambray, ponte knit. This fashion is centered around workwear so you can catch people out and about all day wearing this style.

2. Bohemian or boho-chic

white crochet lace dress with flared sleeves, versatile vests like a denim vest, maxi skirts, flared jeans, denim overalls, flared corduroy pants, Boho chic tops, Paisley printed tanks tops, pom-pom tunics, shirts ruffled off-shoulders, boho chic crochet knitted sweater, crochet fringe cape, boho chic floral print dress with flared sleeves, off shoulder shirts and maxi dresses.

3. Sporty

anything from hiking to camping and also activewear.  twist tank, Slouchy cropped cargo pants featured in a baggy style with large pockets on the legs and drawstring ankle. Sporty track pants featuring a stripe down the sides and elastic waistband, ribbed racerback tank made of soft stretch cotton. high neck racerback tanks, cropped tank with a crisscross cut out back design.  sports tops featured in a longline design with a scoop neckline and open back with a twisted detail. Perfect to layer or wear on its own. Remember to layer these tops with a cami. stretch fit ankle length yoga pants with a reinforced waistband. plush and fuzzy pullover is featured in an oversized design with a high neckline. lightweight parka, zip up hoodies.

4. Casual

Jeans, over sized t-shirts, cropped t-shirts and biker shorts. oversized pullovers, denim jacket, MERCH, anything that you feel the most comfortable in but also fits with current trends and styles.

5. Elegant

midi or maxi a-line skirts paired with an elegant blouse that is not sheer or revealing, cotton or linen fabrics, chino cotton pants, crewneck pullovers, cardigans, collared neckline, 3/4 length sleeved shirts, boat neck shirts, white capri jeans, keep your cleavage and your belly button covered. armholes on blouses and dresses should not reveal your bra. Tweed skirt with black tights and turtleneck. elegant blazers. but not colorful blazers with with shorts underneath. Make sure it has a slightly longer length so it doesn’t look like a work blazer and made from a stretch material.

6. Modern

oversized flannels, ripped clothing, band tees, babydoll dresses, skater skirt, plaid skirt, distressed tights and leggings, vaporwave vectors and aesthetic shapes and symbols, vegan metallic and white boots, white v-neck shirts, and a faux leather moto jacket and faux leather leggings. vegan black platform boots. vegan means man-made materials. so always check the labels.

7. Contemporary (haulster)

this is post hipster. ig models, vsco, any clothing hauls. If you don’t know what clothing hauls are then you are really out of the loop. these are like bi-weekly review hauls. you may even get sponsored by your favorite brand. tips on what to wear or not to wear but you better hurry because the majority of it is fast fashion so the styles of clothes move pretty fast. just subscribe to haul channels to stay updated because there is ALOT of different brands, clothing and merch to check out.

8. Vibrant

So you wanna get loads of compliments? Then add a splash of color! you don’t have to wear one solid color from head to toe, but maybe add a hint here and there of some bold vibrant colors. like a skirt and shirt or pants while the rest stays neutral, black, brown, beige or white. Just add a splash of color to neutral colors. this will surely get you noticed.

Thank you for your support and watching this video please check out my merch I will leave you a link. that means a lot to me and I appreciate that. If you have any idea on what you would like to see in the next video feel free to leave a comment on here! Cya!


Fashion do's for men

Hey there!

I’m going to show you how to dress and want to look good and feel confident in yourself. Please check out my other videos. I have one called fashion dos for men and fashion dos for  women. Also fashion don’ts for men and fashion don’ts for women. If you are new to this channel please subscribe, click the bell for notifications, like this video and leave a comment.

1. Minimalist

This is a very basic look. Thats why it’s called minimalist. Jean and tshirts, neutrals – navys, greys, browns, drabs, blacks – no graphics or logos. polo shirts, navy grey or black sweatshirts, henley shirts, selvedge thin dark denim pants like a slim fit, oxford shirts, breton top, bomber jacket, linen suit, faux leather moto jacket


2. Casual

Comfortable and casual style. no suits. 90’s oversized sweatshirts, 90’s color blocked shirts, oversized tees, think merch. Light Stacked Skinny Jeans or Relaxed Slim Built-In Flex Jeans For Men. slim fit jeans.

4. Rocker

Faux leather motto jacket, black tees, black skinny jeans, or ripped jeans, band tees, vneck white shirts, flannel and plaid shirts, think vintage.

5. Preppy

Rugby shirts, polo shirts, critter tie, oxford cotton button-down shirt. cable-knit varsity sweater, blazer, madras shirt, preppy chinos in classic tones like sands, khakis and navies.

6. Sportswear

Do you play a lot of sports or spend a lot of time at the gym, maybe just go hiking or camping. then this is a whole vibe and lets people know your style. and what this says about you. zip up hoodies, padded outdoor jacket, running pants, joggers. you can choose a wicking fabric if you spend a lot of time outdoors. tech layer 2 in 1 running pants are very breathable. lightweight cotton crewneck shirts or tank tops. choose a neck shape that’s most comfortable for you. bomber jackets, Sneakers, sweatshirts, hoodies, polo shirts,  sweatpants and tracksuits are the most hyped products in men’s fashion.

 Thats it for this video! Thanks for your support it means so much to me. If you want to check out my merch I will leave a link in the description. and leave a comment to let me know what you would like to see in the next video!

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Youtubers to unfollow in 2019

Hey there! So its 2019 and you want to update your subscription feed because Some of these channels may be posting too rarely or posting too frequently and you want some advice on who to unfollow well I will help you do that RIGHT NOW! For whats hot or not Let me tell you about the channels that are not relevant anymore. For youtubers that do care about their audience and their viewers check out my other video called youtubers to follow in 2019. Just a heads up these channels usually are voice overs and not actual people just compilations so don’t take them too seriously. and if i’ve offended your favorite channel by all means leave a comment and i’ll make any adjustments for the next video!

Mukbangers compilation videos

Clips of cancel culture usually and exude negative energy. Top mukbangers should film a TV show together on an island with their own personal trainer. and vote each other off the so called theoretical island each week. Not to throw any shade at these mukbangers but seriously you might find yourself gaining ten pounds just by watching them and copying them.

Beauty guru compilation videos

Just kinda all over the place when it comes to where or what the occasion is to wear makeup. Clips of more cancel culture. No one gets excited about the brands they are promoting. No excitement whatsoever! Bad PR skills. they’re timing and hype for something is off kilter and random. They lack enthusiasm and tend to get really repetitive.

Drama Channels – Fast talking like an auctioneer or a race at the kentucky derby broadcaster. Keep their viewers hanging on by a carrot and a stick. literally. on the edge of your seat what’s going to be the daily drama or as they like to call it “Spilling the tea”, and their content is usually about unknown youtubers. like if you mention these people outside of YouTube no one knows who you are talking about. these channels are desperate for views and not worth your time.

Gossip Channels – Literally still live like its mid 2000’s and talk about how celebrities are crazy or what hot new event they’re going to. Weird attempts to gain one’s interest in publicity stunts that are really over familiar and overplayed and uninteresting. And still use phrases like “Hot Mess” They can be attributed to the decline of celebrity pop culture.

Prank Channels –  Mostly 24 hour challenges that are too predictable and the prizes are less than impressive. A lot of fake screaming, gasping, & making bizarre faces in thumbnails. You’d have more luck winning local carnival prizes with bozo the clown. it’s a sorry excuse to join the circus.

Politically fueled Compilations

For those out of the loop. (Back in 2013) People started posting videos that change the context of whats really happening. clever edits really show politicians under a different light. Turning everything into a politcal satire freakshow. with a lot of echoes and awkward pauses. Using the pan and zoom for a comedic effect.

THE OVERNIGHT CELEBRITY –Foreign subtitles and fake laugh tracks from around the world.

A lot of Get ready with me videos and talk about their day to day life even though sometimes it’s a bit TMI. Someone that might not be too popular by regular standards or in their usual environment can really gain a lot of attention by finding a larger audience and working off a sense of humor or wearing unique clothes to reach cult level status. Usually make posts about 50 facts about me, Q&A’s, showing off their creative talent, and really clever thumbnails and video titles. can balance quality vs quantity, have good editing skills, and original merch.

Let me know if you like this channel so far and what you’d like to see in the next video! and I will get back to you – leave a comment, click the notification bell, like, and subscribe and see you in the next video! I try to post daily! check out my other videos for fun, fashion, fitness and travel videos and don’t forget to check out my merch.  that would mean so much to me and really help this channel grow.

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Youtubers to follow in 2019

Youtubers to follow in 2019

Hi there! welcome to my channel! Please like this video and subscribe click the bell, and leave a comment down below also check out my other videos too for fashion, fitness, fun and travel. So you’re interested in what youtubers to follow in 2019. You wanna stay updated in the most interesting topics and ideas and know state of the art recourses or understand what people are talking about all the time and stay relevant. while maintaining status quo. Well then I will show you who to follow in 2019 – Lets go! lets get it started aww yeah.

Podcasts –  Please send support to podcasts. There are lots of reasons to listen to podcasts as a time efficient form of communication and portable source of information. There are many to choose from, whatever your favorite topics are. Education, Technology, Science, Astronomy, Poetry, History, Movie reviews, and Interviews with influential people working in entertainment, art, and pop culture.

Travel Vlogs – There’s Lots of travelers on YouTube with informative travel tips, People who never stop travelling. it’s fun to see who can travel to the most countries and cities. Meeting locals and participating in their traditions and culture. some panoramic views that need more than just a photo shoot to really capture the moments. and picturesque landscapes, beaches, national parks and forests and vibrant urban life.

Yoga and guided meditations- guided meditations, outdoor yoga, daily affirmations and inspirations, manifestation, breathing exercises, sending you good energy, law of attraction, Himalayan Singing Bowls and info on where to get cool new yoga gear.

Healthy lifestyle foodies –  These You Tubers promote a healthy lifestyle and food vlogs. Popular chefs who are ready to show you how to make your favorite meals. often promoting new products like a blender, or instapot and steam fryer and other new appliances.

Pop artists –  Internet era pop stars, (2015 to present) known for their unique YouTube videos and interesting styles. accompanied by creative  dance choreography. This could be a really great opportunity to learn some new dance moves. If you are a up and coming dancer or choreographer.

Chillwave, synthwave and retrowave – Daily posts and weekly mixes that are usually anywhere from 3 minutes to over 40 minutes in length but also very creative for remixing aesthetically pleasing clips from the 80s and 90s and often stylized as “AESTHETICS“, with fullwidth characters in the title and incorporate early Internet imagery, late 1990s web design, glitch art, as well as  Greco-Roman statues, 3D-rendered objects, and VHS degradation.

Up and coming fashion designers – Please go support these new channels. and anyone writing a book about trendy fashion, or fashion vloggers. It’s so hard to find something to wear these days so they can be really helpful. Ever just gone through your closet repeatedly and can’t find something to wear? Try changing the colors or fabric material for something new. adding a new accessory or even revamping what your already own into something more chic.

Up and coming musicians – Support these types of channels. new musicians, singers, and bands If you can give music lessons online that’s amazing too! rock, country, pop, edm, rap, international music too. or if you just like to play the ukulele. challenge yourself to write a song everyday for a month and post it. See how fast your channel and fanbase will grow and how much fun you will have while doing it!

Exercise workout gurus – Really good at engaging with the viewers and creating quality content. Lots of potential for improvement. You have amazing opportunities to promote a product that means a lot to you and get sponsored. Do something extraordinary like a backflip, do a handstand, or learning how to play a new sport something other than squats would be great!

Sports Compilation Bloopers – Dubbed voiceover effects for comedic value, Just any sports bloopers and epic reactions from broadcasters and players in the NBA, MLB, and NHL, NFL. and even oldschool bloopers. all your favorite moments in sports. or just seeing your favorite players in funny ad campaigns. so it’s all in good fun if they can take a moment to laugh at themselves once in a while. 

Did you like this video? Want to see more? Leave a comment on what topics you’d like to see more of, and don’t forget to check out my merch I’ll leave a link. I’m always working on something new so let me know what kind of merch you’d like me to make. I would really appreciate it!

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Backgrounds N' Backdrops for youtube

Hey guys, today i’m going to talk about some background ideas for making youtube videos. Feel free to comment down below what your favorite backgrounds and backdrops are. Please click the bell for notifications. I try to post daily content. like and subscribe and see you in the next video!

Palm Trees Background Coconut palm trees, California palm trees, Hawaiian palm trees, or banana leaves. Neon signs with glitch effect. Faux Tropical glow in the dark leaves, Vacation vibes no matter what season or time of the year. Tropical vacation aesthetic.

Bronze or Grey Backgrounds Grey is my favorite color it really does match with everything perfect balance of masculine vs feminine tones. producing a neutral tone. pair it with some minimalist furniture or vibrant house plants as an accent. Bronze metallic, copper or rose gold colors helps accentuate and make your video bold and vivid. These shimmer and shiny backgrounds are cool and chic.

Outdoor backgrounds 

Ivory vines growing on a wall, white climbing roses, all over peony flower wall. If these garden florals don’t match your style, you might be interested in something more like arizona red mountains. and appalachian trail forests. Try different filters until you find something you like.

80’s Retrowave synthwave neon backgrounds

Miami nights and miami coast, retro vhs effects, glitch effect, epic sunsets, palm trees and purple city skylines. Neon retro ombre backgrounds.

Vintage Floral wallpaper  Maroon or mauve botanical 18th century English wallpaper patterns or even try some big maximalist patterns for something new and modern.

Damask wallpaper teal and gold damask is really my favorite type of pattern. BTW The black and gold is really pretty as a design pattern too!

Muslin Backdrops

Highly versatile. high quality non reflective cotton. Choose a dark grey color. They’re similar to a green screen in that they don’t reflect a lot of light.

Grunge and Urban Collapsible Backdrops

Add an urban, industrial feel to your videos with  these grunge urban backdrops. These come in solid colors and are very professional, realistic and artsy. there are many to choose from and come very convenient for a video shoot anywhere anytime. I would go with a brown color.

So thats it for todays video, if you would like to support this channel please check out my merch I’ll leave a link and I appreciate your support it means a lot to me.


Fashion don'ts for women

Hey — lets talk about fashion don’ts for women. Every wonder what the universals for matching outfits or things that just look plain silly no matter what the occasion. regardless if you just can’t come up with any ideas for new outfits because you don’t live in L.A. and don’t have a stylist. if you’re new here welcome to my channel. so please like and subscribe and click the bell for notifications and leave a comment down below what’s your least favorite fashion styles? I’m making a separate video titled fashion do’s and don’ts for men and women so check those out too.

LEATHER – no matter what way you wanna translate it- leather is just not cool anymore.  in no way shape or form. you’re probably wondering why it matters. of course it matters for the environment. use Eco-Friendly, sustainable fabrics. it’s basically about what you’re putting out into the universe and why? what status are you trying to achieve based on your style choices. You can use pleather or faux leather instead!

HOLIDAYS – I’m not a big fan of dressing up for holidays – it can be really time consuming. some traditions can seem endless – without any gratification. honestly I’m not trying to impress anyone here. thanks but no thanks. Some outfits are just goofy nowadays.

COSTUME – anything from different time periods, seems pretty unnatural and strange. Like if you’re taking a hobby too seriously, ranging from renaissance festival to historical reenactors. plus some of it can even be misinterpreted as cultural appropriation. what you might think is popular could be frowned upon so it’s good to stay updated.

REALITY STAR – not gonna lie some of them look outdated, and shouldn’t resurface outside of memes. tight mini dresses, colorful neon blazers, maxi sheer dresses that are too see through and revealing, brands that no one wears anymore, live in the now people.

COPYING OR IMITATING UNREALISTIC FANTASY –  have you seen how many people are always trying to figure out what’s to wear?  always trying to raise the bar on this subject. I mean seriously some of these expectations are pretty unrealistic to begin with. that’s why they call it art. by all means you can try to recreate that epic moment so don’t even try to live up to that standard cuz you’re going to be disappointed. you can’t force people to like you. just be you. just be yourself and people will respect that and not worrying about people objectifying you. they’re not there for the long run.

So what do you think of this video? Leave a comment down below what you would like to see in the next video. Thanks for watching! see you next time. and please check out my merch i’ll leave a link, cya!!


Fashion don'ts for men

Heyyy! If you’re new Thanks for stopping by my channel! today we’re going to talk about fashion donts for men- No proffesional stylist – No biggie. this channel is going to give you helpful tips on how to improve your fashion choices. We got you covered.

1970’s Excersize gurus

outfits that are too showy for the occasion, always over dressed or under dressed. Grainy retro visual effects, glitter tank tops, asymmetrical sunglasses and gold shorts.

eHarmony ads

vintage golf shirts, when your khaki pants aren’t your size and haven’t been tailored. tucking your t-shirt into your jeans, abstract pattern polo shirts, sweaters tied around shoulders, Men’s linen gauze shirts with criss cross string. Tshirts with quirky slogans.

Bachelor Party Group

untucked dress shirts, shiny club shirts, overly wide or skinny ties, blazer and graphic tee combo, human embodiment of an advertising backdrop, basically matching with the background, black vneck sweater, dress shirt unbuttoned at top. glitter vests. glitter neckties.

Clash of the Bros Party

unflattering pastels and bowties, taupe bermuda shorts, argyle socks, popped collars, oddly shaped blazers, oversized khaki jorts, white tank tops with, yes you heard it right JORTS.

Spring Break

neon side-cut tank tops, baggy blinged out jeans, deep v necks, neon cheetah harem pants, leopard print blazers, neon v necks with spring break logo, all t shirts and tank tops with really basic spring break slogans

Tik Tok Cringe

flannel shirts tucked in at the waist like it’s going out of style, overalls, cutoff shorts, all over cow print, checkor whatever dance clothes they think is trendy when clearly it’s not.

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