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Is Hollywood still relevant? Movies and events to look forward to in 2020 or skip alltogether.

Bill & Ted Face the Music 2020 Are cyberpunks still relevant? Keanu Reeves made a movie with Winona Ryder about a wedding, titled “Destination Wedding” in 2018. I am not interested in who these actors are dating in real life. And I am not interested in their wedding plans. What type of music will they play at their wedding? Cyberpunk something? He is always on Reddit promoting something related to the cyberpunk genre. a big accomplishment in his resume is walking to different music in the Always Be My Maybe entrance, an internet meme about his new show on netflix. Keanu Reeves is 55 years old Winona Ryder is 48 years old. Winona Ryder is the epitome and the embodiment of everything that sucked about the 90’s. Many 90’s songs were inspired by her because she dated various musicians. She goes on TV doing interviews and press junkets to promote movies when questioned about her life, she stays relevant by talking about how she is too cool to own a cell phone. Skip this movie.

Dane cook  and Louie CK. Is Dane cook still doing movies these days? Is he still relevant? All he talks about is the Patriots, his obsession with Mötley Crüe and talks about copying Louie CK’s jokes. He didn’t steal Louis CK’s jokes back in 2006. Or did he? Who cares? Are his hobbies relevant? Skip any live comedy shows by these guys.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard drama.  This guy is all over entertainment news, and people make YouTube videos calling him out. Nicholas cage literally gave him his career. He should be more thankful. Nicholas cage met him in the early 80’s when Johnny was an unknown actor, who was more interested in being a rock star than acting in movies. I would much rather watch nicholas cage in movies. Than watch another Johnny Depp movie. Action star vs Romance star. Wouldn’t you agree? As for Amber Heard , I just can’t believe she’s starring in “The Stand” a revival of the 1994 tv miniseries (which was four parts long). Along with Alexander Skarsgård, Heather Graham, and Marilyn Manson. Is Trent Reznor going to make the soundtrack  for this thing? kinda like the soundtrack for the movie about “Facebook” which was kinda dark and dreary. ya’ll remember that? the soundtrack for the original mini series in 1994 had the song “Don’t fear the reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult. PLEASE NOTE: The actors chosen for this miniseries are untrustworthy. Go support the book, not this new cast! Also note the controversy around this show. Josh Boone cast a hearing actor (Henry Zaga) over a deaf actor for the role of a deaf character, Nick Andros. This sparked a backlash from multiple well-known deaf actors. Skip this tv series at all costs.

Daniel Craig no time to die 2020.  No Time to Die becomes the first major Hollywood flick to be delayed as professionals work to slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus. In a recently published an open letter — “No Time for Indecision” — requesting that the film’s release be delayed. The release of the new James Bond film has been put back by seven months as coronavirus continues to spread. The producers said they had moved the release of No Time To Die from April to November after “careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace”. The announcement comes days after the founders of two 007 fan sites called on the film studios to delay its release. Ok, so some fans on message boards complained to the film studios. And they pulled out.  I have not seen any James Bonds flicks. I have not kept up with the series, although “Die Another Day” was a GREAT Song by Madonna, back in the day. This new movie looks misogynistic and sexist. Like when you call a girl a nickname to your liking without any permission. “Hey honey! hey babe! hey toots! hey sexy!”. Is it setting a good example for young women. I Will be skipping this flick altogether.

Halloween Reboot 2020 titled “Halloween Kills”. Not Another Halloween Movie! There is no hype, and it just looks like a cash grab. I am not too thrilled about the new installment to the series, written by comedian Danny McBride. I Don’t go to horror conventions. I Don’t review their movies on YouTube. Michael Myers is one of the lesser slasher villains from the slasher films era of the 70’s and 80’s. I celebrated Halloween this year and all I got was a stupid Halloween card. Remember those facebook gifts that were a roll of toilet paper. Yeah that’s how excited you should be about this flick. Don’t open your door to trick or treaters this year. Skip this horror flick. and skip celebrating Halloween altogether while you’re at it?

Joaquin Pheonix in “The Joker” 2019. Veganism is relevant.  They should re title this movie Vegans gone wild. Have you seen his outfit? Is he trying to be a Punk rock. or what with that goofy maroon suit and wearing those clown shoes. That is some of the weirdest dancing I’ve seen coming down those steps. might as well add some punk music in the background. Joaquin Pheonix won an academy award for best actor. Go see this movie, you will be entertained.

Once upon a time in Hollywood 2019. Brad pitt, Leonardo dicaprio, Margot robbie. nice outfits. really blinged out. They all look dapper. Random fact: The character of Bruce lee is in this movie. Brad Pitt won an academy award for best supporting actor. So go see this film and be relevant.

Mark Wahlberg and the Red Sox Fans. This is the guy who made a movie called “Boogie Nights” about a male stripper. No one cares if he bares all. It’s not attractive. Well I guess he’s still making movies and shows. I can’t keep up. It always sounds like there’s a party going on in Boston. They’re loud and they won’t shut up. Walk in the middle of the street like “they’re off to see the wonderful wizard of oz” echo their voice in the streets even when it’s not baseball season. Mark Wahlberg always puts low income places around boston under the spotlight. Its grimy and gross. Like red sox fans. Skip any red sox games in general.

Tim heidecker in Mr. America 2019. Tim heidecker goes on Twitter not to be confused with the comedian Tim Hawkins who makes jokes about his church and using plenty of sanitizer when going to church services. Go watch this political movie, but skip any political conventions.

Lights Out with David Spade 2019. David spade vs people under 30 yrs. He has a show, he laughs, makes sex jokes, invites guests under 30 on the show which I have never even heard of.  Some no names. A clip from the 1994 Reality bites movie where David spade was not hiring Winona Ryder at the wiener schnitzel.  That’s where I know David Spade from. That’s the fast food place that sells hot dogs, and weiners. Skip this stupid irrelevant talk show.

Parasite movie 2019. This is a Korean movie. A family Slowly manipulates and exploits another. The rich and the poor, and the poorer. The haves and the have nots. The movie is about Social hierarchy. A society composed of many hangers on competing for the minuscule leftovers and garbage of people. Like the definition of the word parasite, Benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense. Or in a more figurative way, a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return. Parasite won an academy award for best picture. Go see it.

Candyman reboot 2020. Produced by Jordan Peele. Now this looks interesting. A vengeful spirit that killed anyone that summoned his spirit by saying his name five times while facing a mirror and openly denying his existence. If you are just starting to get intrigued by the horror genre then this is the film to keep you entertained. Go see it!

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