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The real reason to join Youtube

The real reason I joined youtube as a social media influencer

So it’s the 2020’s now, and we’re living in futuristic times ya’ll.

everyone and their neighbor, local pastor, politician, business entrepreneur, sports fans from accross the way, every rooney tooney and looney has an insta, twitter, whats app, snapchat, you name it. they’re on it. don’t even have to get into the logistics of why. Just like people being obsessed with their phones and taking selfies, to the point where they break the internet and put out a book all about selfies. this is maximum input. consider the library closed for business. If you want to feel cultured connecting with like minded individuals who want to challenge themselves creatively to the utmost extreme. its about putting out relatable content every single day.

When the movie “The social Network” came out, The trailer included the song “POWER” by Kanye West. the Movie starred Justin Timberlake accompanied by a soundtrack by trent reznor. What does power mean? To me it means not being able to switch off that “power button” to social media when you have people who want to take it to the next level constantly, you can take back control. Use your social media platform to spread awareness about your favorite cause or topic. Anything like Veganism, climate change, deforestation, hurricane and humanitarian relief, clean energy sources, solar energy, sustainable living, organic gardening, economic resources like bettering the Social and Environmental Impacts of “Fast Fashion and a more sustainable and eco friendly apparel industry. This is not about celebrities and their paparazzo’s. it’s not a modeling show, or runway show, or fashion show. This isn’t 80’s entrepreneur videos or 90’s overdramatic talk shows. this is real, everyday life. there’s no acting involved.

Some advice for youtubers starting their channel. Stick with one theme. If you change your style too much it may confuse your audience. That’s why it’s called your brand. It’s how viewers recognize your channel. Leave in any bloopers or blunders and just be yourself. Viewers will admire your authenticity. Set milestones for yourself and give appreciation to your viewers. Show gratitude in a milestone video.

A traveller, mountain climber, or nature and wilderness expert isn’t going to walk on stage at improv night at a comedy club and expect the audience not to be confused. If 90% of your videos are prank videos you wouldn’t expect your audience to support you if all of a sudden your videos changed from prank videos to serious review videos.  People don’t like when channels quote “drastically change”. Be conscious of your audience. if you are getting only negative comments then it’s time to really focus on your core message. and check out other youtubers who have the same style as you. and maybe seek guidance from those Youtubers.

In 2010 you couldn’t walk around Hollywood without seeing “The social network movie” posters literally everywhere. at every turn and on every street. they were clearly over-doing it with the outdoor advertisements. 

eventually everyone joined facebook, and it was chaotic. facebook era viral celebrities like corey worthington who threw parties which ended up on the news and joined reality TV shows and some other tomfoolery. it’s basically like you need a reality show nowadays just to fit in. You gotta take it to the next level. it’s not about selfies anymore. you gotta film everything you do and be a reality star.

in 2013 the Purge came out and again the media was over-hyping this with advertisements literally everywhere in Los Angeles . As of 2017 when you walk around L.A. all you see is graffiti’d posters of the It clown but instead of the IT CLOWN, it’s a photoshop of Caitlin Jenner. You can tell by these fake posters how uninspired people are with the movie industry. every other movie that comes out is in 3D or a remake, the quality of the picture is not as good as it used to be. Everyone wants to live in the now or in the moment and its all about awkward moments caught on live-TV, improvisation, and audience reactions. Zooming into the audience to catch a celebrity reaction at an award show. because this fits into the agenda of a meme or having a smaller clip that can be easily turned into a viral video. the aesthetics have changed, and the media platforms have changed.

So how does this all reflect our trying times? I think the ideas, concepts, or whatever that were handed down to us can sometimes be a bit too “out there” for whatever reason, too political, or religious-based, so people seek out something more realistic. Thats why it’s called reality TV.  PEOPLE WAN’T TO BE ABLE TO RELATE TO THE CONTENT. that’s why it’s called relatable content. If I say go overdue it with the drama, and it’s really emotional then it’s going to end up on a docu-series or it should be on an episode daytime TV. Just like some pop stars are not considered tech-savvy or influential, you wouldn’t call them social media influencers. and you wouldn’t use or help promote their brands, and not take into effect factors like globalization? They can’t handle the haters and it shows. Facebook is a prime example of modern day globilization. The celeb overkill in the twittersphere is ready to jump the twitter shark! They need to get back to the basics. I think demonetization of videos has allowed people to really reflect on themselves and the content they are putting out. music gets copyrighted, even if it’s just background music. and also the explicit language is not advised in videos.

So there is a fine line of YouTubers  going against the extremes on each polarized spectrum. On one side you have the daytime tv show casers who are too emotional in each video that it’s getting in the way of them producing any real content. their personal lives are bigger than their professional lives. On the other side you have the Youtubers who have gone all “Reality TV” and Put out more content than necessary. It’s like their constantly chasing that clout, so the end result looks fake. Their professional lives are off balance to their private life.

You gotta stay grounded and realize that you are not a superstar celebrity so sometimes what you say is TMI, especially when it comes to politics or religion. On the other hand this is a heads up to real celebrities that maybe your content isn’t what you originally had expected it to be. Your music, movies, & television shows, are outdated. If you are an actor or musician or athlete you can start a YouTube channel. Just start simple and show what your everyday life is like and maybe try to interact with some other social media influencers and youtubers as well. I am not talking about a house tour, or going on a foreign game show. Just show people you are human. Just show people you are a real person. and people will respect that and maybe JUST MAYBE promote your brand. ok celebrities don’t need to cop an attitude or flip off the cameraman to get attention, this isn’t the 90’s. There’s mega compilations of celebrities giving really bad interviews on TV, and I just don’t really see them as superstar celebrities. You don’t have to seek advice or guidance on how to be a celebrity. Just be yourself. which is a lot better than being fake. Just don’t over – do it with the drama.

By Miss Chillwave

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