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Saturday night live Fires New Cast Member and some other hipster related drama

I watched snl a couple times in the early 90’s, when the musical guests were on.   The show Saturday night live is supposed to be a live variety show with comedy sketches and political satire, and lately has come under scrutiny for its racial controversies. Shane gillis is The comedian Snl fired. videos of the comedian surfaced of him using racial slurs toward asians. Like I mentioned before I was never really into watching snl, but I did watch shows like the simpsons which also had some of the same writers from snl.

The simpsons has also seen some controversies surrounding its character of apu nahasapeemapetilon, which is considered to be racist against indian people. So the writers have decided they’re going to write the character apu out entirely from the show. I liked to watch the simpsons when  the treehouse of horror episodes would be on. But over the years The simpsons lost a lot of its original writers,  and its become this computerized version of itself. I prefer the hand- drawn animated years. The treehouse of horror episodes were  more original. and based on stories from books that everyone knew or at least heard about. there was more effort involved. the stories were parodies that people understood. if you try watching the treehouse of horror episodes nowadays its all homage to movies and tv shows where you might not catch the reference because their pace is out of control. and kind of like, automatic even if they’ve run out of original material or not. The simpsons went digital in season 12, by the way. though I’m not sure since now that I look back on it some of the subject material is pretty outrageous. I personally preferred the show futurama over the simpsons but futurama officially ended in 2013 after being cancelled several times on various networks. Other SNL related shows are portlandia, community, and rick & morty.


Portlandia is a sketch comedy television series set and filmed in and around Portland, Oregon. which features hipster comedy parodies, or you can call it hipster satire and also has lots of musician and band guest stars. In Other Words is the setting for the fictional Women and Women First bookshop, one of the recurring sketches on the series. A blog post from the bookstore stated an incident during filming, when the shop was left in a mess and neighbours disturbed. without offering further details. Another time, The production crew asked the bookstore to remove the Black Lives Matter sign on the window. and they refused. This post suggested the show has had a negative impact on the neighborhood and portland as a whole. opposed to its vision of society they’re organizing to realize. portlandia white progressives and liberals, Portland might be a quirky, liberal city but it also has a shocking history of racism and white supremacy. Portlandia seems more straight edge and pop punk, rather than hipsterish (indie and alternative music). Theyre just a group who need to reconnect with beavis and butthead and pop punk bands who perform for Spring Break.  They should steer clear from storylines involving a nonchalant mayor. The store’s blog has claimed “Tourists and fans of the show come to our door to stand outside, take selfies, and then leave,” the statement reads. “The vast majority of them don’t come inside.” The store offically cut ties with the show in 2016. a volunteer placed signs on the window. That sign accuses the comedy—in which Armisen and Brownstein portray the storeowners—of various transgressions, like “Transmisogyny – Racism – and Gentrification.

Rick and Morty

this strange sci-fi animated comedy show, from the same creator as community-Rick and morty, famous, for its clips of mulan szechuan mcnugget dipping sauce. and parodying back to the future. Co-creator Dan Harmon has described the series as a cross between Matt Groening’s two shows The Simpsons and futurama, balancing family life with heavy science fiction. *HEH* I just don’t see the connection.The animated short the show is based on is titled The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti starring Doc smith and Mahrty mcdonalds which came out in 2006 and and features obscene content; As this is an adult cartoon, so you can expect a lot of swearing. the short doesn’t appear to be a comedy satire at all. Instead it looks like it was drawn on ms paint by an adolescent or pre-teen. Later,

In 2009, Harmon made a two-part satire — briefly posted to his Channel 101 website — titled “Daryl,” which spoofed the Showtime drama “Dexter.” Last week, video resurfaced online from Harmon’s five-minute parody. Harmon has since apologized and taken down the video. Harmon’s Twitter account, which had more than 670,000 followers, was deleted soon after the video began to go viral.



Audiences of the cancelled tv show Community are familiar with the show’s drama centered on former star Chevy Chase. In 2012, the comedy icon was forced to issue an apology after he made racial slurs during an argument with series creator/writer Dan Harmon, an incident that caused a halt in production. Donald Glover, who was also on Community, has now shared more about his racist interactions with Chevy Chase. “racial cracks between takes,” one of which was the following: “People think you’re funnier because you’re black.” Glover told the publication that he interpreted Chase’s racist cracks as the comedian “trashing in the water” and didn’t take them too personally.

You might be wondering well what does any of this have to do with a fashion vlog? In 2015 Old navy partnered with the stars of portlandia to do some commericials. Which has Fred armisen  dressed as a teenage girl doing clothing haul videos.More About the Old Navy TV Commercial, ‘Alexandra Gert’ Featuring Fred Armisen. Fred Armisen, dresses as Alexandra Gert, a video blogger who shares her haul from after the holidays at Old Navy. she is interrupted midway through taping when someone opens the door. After acknowledging the interrupter, she continues taping, posing with the old navy items.

Well you won’t be seeing any CLOTHING HAUL videos on this channel anytime soon. So there’s my contribution. and you can also choose to not take any part in the brands they are representing or promoting.

Before cancel culture, People thought comedians being accused of Plagiarism was worst that could happen to a comedian. Joke theft means taking credit for comic material written by another person without their permission. This is a form of plagiarism and can, in some cases, be copyright infringement. In contrast that seems like a better time to be a comedian than what’s happening to comedy at the moment with all this cancel culture.

On a final note—-If you feel insulted, offended or uncomfortable with any of the subject material that some of these Generation x (mtv generation) and generation Y millenial comedians and don’t want to support the brands they are promoting then feel free to check out my merch there is a link in the description for shirts featuring my logo. support real causes like veganism, and environmental awareness.Thanks for watching my video, leave a like, comment and subscribe to my channel. click the bell for notifications and cya next time.

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