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All about my youtuber merch

OK so In the begining of this year I started making youtube videos and merch. I want to put out the best merch there is. Something you can wear everyday no matter where you are. At the gym, going out for a smoothie, staying in at home watching Youtube, at the beach, on vacation, out grocery shopping, getting a manicure or pedicure, casual day at the office, out dancing or to a music festival.  So anyway here are the examples of my merch. Everyday I am revamping my style  to give you the best quality merch. You can see them all on my tumblr which I post frequently to. You can find all the designs to my merch there. I have many designs available and even more on the way. As of now they are kind of a vaporwave-retrowave aesthetic, with greco roman statues with glitch effect, and beach vibes with lots of palm trees and sunsets, limes, coconuts. They all have my logo OCEAN MELON. I’ll leave a link to my store where you can see all my designs. some retro casual beach vibes aesthetic. The merch designs and inspirations are based on the music I want to create. They revolve on themes, like circus, celebrity, fashion designer, fashion model, with retro and vintage cameras and flip phones, spring break, sports and leisure, beach day, but also sending out some good vibes like a vegan and ethical clothing. and to support those causes.

Currently I am working on my bullet journals. 4 designs for 4 seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These are include stories pertaining to each occasion. Lilac Sunday for spring, a circus-amusement park for summer, Halloween, and Winter wonderland.

The planners come with at least 80 pages. You can gift these items to anyone on their Birthday or for Christmas they would make an excellent stocking stuffer! I bought four. A George stanley planner, a fringe studio planner with a lovely scenic landscape mountains and forest trees on the front and back. A Studio oh! journal with ombre watercolor and gold font stenciling on front “Live the story you want to tell”. and finally, a Clementine paper inc. black spiral journal with gold stars and gold font stenciling on front “Shine like the stars”.I will be coloring these in using Jane Davenport colored pencils.

The lilac sunday design I am entering into an annual contest. For Any Arboretum t-shirt design contest they have each year. So please enter my name and vote for me. Ocean Melon.

Also please check me out on instagram, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, lookbook, where I am posting daily. And of course if you are new to my YouTube channel please subscribe, click the bell for notifications, like and share this video, and leave a comment. That would mean a lot to me! and I appreciate your support.

By Miss Chillwave

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