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Youtubers to unfollow in 2019

Hey there! So its 2019 and you want to update your subscription feed because Some of these channels may be posting too rarely or posting too frequently and you want some advice on who to unfollow well I will help you do that RIGHT NOW! For whats hot or not Let me tell you about the channels that are not relevant anymore. For youtubers that do care about their audience and their viewers check out my other video called youtubers to follow in 2019. Just a heads up these channels usually are voice overs and not actual people just compilations so don’t take them too seriously. and if i’ve offended your favorite channel by all means leave a comment and i’ll make any adjustments for the next video!

Mukbangers compilation videos

Clips of cancel culture usually and exude negative energy. Top mukbangers should film a TV show together on an island with their own personal trainer. and vote each other off the so called theoretical island each week. Not to throw any shade at these mukbangers but seriously you might find yourself gaining ten pounds just by watching them and copying them.

Beauty guru compilation videos

Just kinda all over the place when it comes to where or what the occasion is to wear makeup. Clips of more cancel culture. No one gets excited about the brands they are promoting. No excitement whatsoever! Bad PR skills. they’re timing and hype for something is off kilter and random. They lack enthusiasm and tend to get really repetitive.

Drama Channels – Fast talking like an auctioneer or a race at the kentucky derby broadcaster. Keep their viewers hanging on by a carrot and a stick. literally. on the edge of your seat what’s going to be the daily drama or as they like to call it “Spilling the tea”, and their content is usually about unknown youtubers. like if you mention these people outside of YouTube no one knows who you are talking about. these channels are desperate for views and not worth your time.

Gossip Channels – Literally still live like its mid 2000’s and talk about how celebrities are crazy or what hot new event they’re going to. Weird attempts to gain one’s interest in publicity stunts that are really over familiar and overplayed and uninteresting. And still use phrases like “Hot Mess” They can be attributed to the decline of celebrity pop culture.

Prank Channels –  Mostly 24 hour challenges that are too predictable and the prizes are less than impressive. A lot of fake screaming, gasping, & making bizarre faces in thumbnails. You’d have more luck winning local carnival prizes with bozo the clown. it’s a sorry excuse to join the circus.

Politically fueled Compilations

For those out of the loop. (Back in 2013) People started posting videos that change the context of whats really happening. clever edits really show politicians under a different light. Turning everything into a politcal satire freakshow. with a lot of echoes and awkward pauses. Using the pan and zoom for a comedic effect.

THE OVERNIGHT CELEBRITY –Foreign subtitles and fake laugh tracks from around the world.

A lot of Get ready with me videos and talk about their day to day life even though sometimes it’s a bit TMI. Someone that might not be too popular by regular standards or in their usual environment can really gain a lot of attention by finding a larger audience and working off a sense of humor or wearing unique clothes to reach cult level status. Usually make posts about 50 facts about me, Q&A’s, showing off their creative talent, and really clever thumbnails and video titles. can balance quality vs quantity, have good editing skills, and original merch.

Let me know if you like this channel so far and what you’d like to see in the next video! and I will get back to you – leave a comment, click the notification bell, like, and subscribe and see you in the next video! I try to post daily! check out my other videos for fun, fashion, fitness and travel videos and don’t forget to check out my merch.  that would mean so much to me and really help this channel grow.

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