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Youtubers to follow in 2019

Youtubers to follow in 2019

Hi there! welcome to my channel! Please like this video and subscribe click the bell, and leave a comment down below also check out my other videos too for fashion, fitness, fun and travel. So you’re interested in what youtubers to follow in 2019. You wanna stay updated in the most interesting topics and ideas and know state of the art recourses or understand what people are talking about all the time and stay relevant. while maintaining status quo. Well then I will show you who to follow in 2019 – Lets go! lets get it started aww yeah.

Podcasts –  Please send support to podcasts. There are lots of reasons to listen to podcasts as a time efficient form of communication and portable source of information. There are many to choose from, whatever your favorite topics are. Education, Technology, Science, Astronomy, Poetry, History, Movie reviews, and Interviews with influential people working in entertainment, art, and pop culture.

Travel Vlogs – There’s Lots of travelers on YouTube with informative travel tips, People who never stop travelling. it’s fun to see who can travel to the most countries and cities. Meeting locals and participating in their traditions and culture. some panoramic views that need more than just a photo shoot to really capture the moments. and picturesque landscapes, beaches, national parks and forests and vibrant urban life.

Yoga and guided meditations- guided meditations, outdoor yoga, daily affirmations and inspirations, manifestation, breathing exercises, sending you good energy, law of attraction, Himalayan Singing Bowls and info on where to get cool new yoga gear.

Healthy lifestyle foodies –  These You Tubers promote a healthy lifestyle and food vlogs. Popular chefs who are ready to show you how to make your favorite meals. often promoting new products like a blender, or instapot and steam fryer and other new appliances.

Pop artists –  Internet era pop stars, (2015 to present) known for their unique YouTube videos and interesting styles. accompanied by creative  dance choreography. This could be a really great opportunity to learn some new dance moves. If you are a up and coming dancer or choreographer.

Chillwave, synthwave and retrowave – Daily posts and weekly mixes that are usually anywhere from 3 minutes to over 40 minutes in length but also very creative for remixing aesthetically pleasing clips from the 80s and 90s and often stylized as “AESTHETICS“, with fullwidth characters in the title and incorporate early Internet imagery, late 1990s web design, glitch art, as well as  Greco-Roman statues, 3D-rendered objects, and VHS degradation.

Up and coming fashion designers – Please go support these new channels. and anyone writing a book about trendy fashion, or fashion vloggers. It’s so hard to find something to wear these days so they can be really helpful. Ever just gone through your closet repeatedly and can’t find something to wear? Try changing the colors or fabric material for something new. adding a new accessory or even revamping what your already own into something more chic.

Up and coming musicians – Support these types of channels. new musicians, singers, and bands If you can give music lessons online that’s amazing too! rock, country, pop, edm, rap, international music too. or if you just like to play the ukulele. challenge yourself to write a song everyday for a month and post it. See how fast your channel and fanbase will grow and how much fun you will have while doing it!

Exercise workout gurus – Really good at engaging with the viewers and creating quality content. Lots of potential for improvement. You have amazing opportunities to promote a product that means a lot to you and get sponsored. Do something extraordinary like a backflip, do a handstand, or learning how to play a new sport something other than squats would be great!

Sports Compilation Bloopers – Dubbed voiceover effects for comedic value, Just any sports bloopers and epic reactions from broadcasters and players in the NBA, MLB, and NHL, NFL. and even oldschool bloopers. all your favorite moments in sports. or just seeing your favorite players in funny ad campaigns. so it’s all in good fun if they can take a moment to laugh at themselves once in a while. 

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