Fashion don’ts for men

Heyyy! If you’re new Thanks for stopping by my channel! today we’re going to talk about fashion donts for men- No proffesional stylist – No biggie. this channel is going to give you helpful tips on how to improve your fashion choices. We got you covered.

1970’s Excersize gurus

outfits that are too showy for the occasion, always over dressed or under dressed. Grainy retro visual effects, glitter tank tops, asymmetrical sunglasses and gold shorts.

eHarmony ads

vintage golf shirts, when your khaki pants aren’t your size and haven’t been tailored. tucking your t-shirt into your jeans, abstract pattern polo shirts, sweaters tied around shoulders, Men’s linen gauze shirts with criss cross string. Tshirts with quirky slogans.

Bachelor Party Group

untucked dress shirts, shiny club shirts, overly wide or skinny ties, blazer and graphic tee combo, human embodiment of an advertising backdrop, basically matching with the background, black vneck sweater, dress shirt unbuttoned at top. glitter vests. glitter neckties.

Clash of the Bros Party

unflattering pastels and bowties, taupe bermuda shorts, argyle socks, popped collars, oddly shaped blazers, oversized khaki jorts, white tank tops with, yes you heard it right JORTS.

Spring Break

neon side-cut tank tops, baggy blinged out jeans, deep v necks, neon cheetah harem pants, leopard print blazers, neon v necks with spring break logo, all t shirts and tank tops with really basic spring break slogans

Tik Tok Cringe

flannel shirts tucked in at the waist like it’s going out of style, overalls, cutoff shorts, all over cow print, checkor whatever dance clothes they think is trendy when clearly it’s not.

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