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Backgrounds N’ Backdrops for youtube

Hey guys, today i’m going to talk about some background ideas for making youtube videos. Feel free to comment down below what your favorite backgrounds and backdrops are. Please click the bell for notifications. I try to post daily content. like and subscribe and see you in the next video!

Palm Trees Background Coconut palm trees, California palm trees, Hawaiian palm trees, or banana leaves. Neon signs with glitch effect. Faux Tropical glow in the dark leaves, Vacation vibes no matter what season or time of the year. Tropical vacation aesthetic.

Bronze or Grey Backgrounds Grey is my favorite color it really does match with everything perfect balance of masculine vs feminine tones. producing a neutral tone. pair it with some minimalist furniture or vibrant house plants as an accent. Bronze metallic, copper or rose gold colors helps accentuate and make your video bold and vivid. These shimmer and shiny backgrounds are cool and chic.

Outdoor backgrounds 

Ivory vines growing on a wall, white climbing roses, all over peony flower wall. If these garden florals don’t match your style, you might be interested in something more like arizona red mountains. and appalachian trail forests. Try different filters until you find something you like.

80’s Retrowave synthwave neon backgrounds

Miami nights and miami coast, retro vhs effects, glitch effect, epic sunsets, palm trees and purple city skylines. Neon retro ombre backgrounds.

Vintage Floral wallpaper  Maroon or mauve botanical 18th century English wallpaper patterns or even try some big maximalist patterns for something new and modern.

Damask wallpaper teal and gold damask is really my favorite type of pattern. BTW The black and gold is really pretty as a design pattern too!

Muslin Backdrops

Highly versatile. high quality non reflective cotton. Choose a dark grey color. They’re similar to a green screen in that they don’t reflect a lot of light.

Grunge and Urban Collapsible Backdrops

Add an urban, industrial feel to your videos with  these grunge urban backdrops. These come in solid colors and are very professional, realistic and artsy. there are many to choose from and come very convenient for a video shoot anywhere anytime. I would go with a brown color.

So thats it for todays video, if you would like to support this channel please check out my merch I’ll leave a link and I appreciate your support it means a lot to me.

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